Transition News

Network Defend, LLC will be closing our doors on July 7, 2022 as we transition to a new adventure.  Existing clients are being guided through this transition to a new service company as their needs dictate.

Secure, Responsive Business Network Solutions

Whether you need extra security expertise for your small IT department, or want full Managed IT Services and long term technology planning - we are here to help your business thrive while staying secure. From planning to migration and deployment to ongoing maintenance, we offer a wide range of services tailored to your specific needs. 


We are experts on upgrading, deploying, and installing secure high performance systems. We correctly configure your Microsoft Servers and Domain Controllers, and provide highly secure network design and monitoring to protect you from malware and intrusion attempts. We also provide audit mitigation resources to help you become and stay compliant with PCI DSS and/or HIPAA standards.

Remote Workspaces

We can build or upgrade your on-site self-hosted secure remote gateways featuring Multifactor Authentication and bandwidth acceleration, or help you deploy managed scalable cloud desktops under Azure. We enable your remote staff to stay reliably connected while keeping your data and systems safe.

Managed Networks

Spend a small-to-medium business budget and get access to enterprise grade communications, workflow systems, cloud redundancy and team collaboration applications that work from any connected location and from any device, fully integrated with your systems.