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Referral Bonus

Like our service or products?

Tell a friend!

Get a $50 discount off your next invoice if they become our customer!

Our favorite customers are usually referred to us by other customers. It's pretty likely that you are a referral from someone you know that liked our service. We could spend more money on marketing, but word of mouth has been very good to us. We prefer to pass that marketing budget back to you.

So here is the offer: for every new client you refer to Network Defend, LLC who becomes our customer we will discount either your current or your next invoice by $50. Just be sure that your referral lets us know how they heard about us!

The fine print:

We ask that your account with us be current and in good standing. Accounts over 60 days past due are not eligible for this offer. Discounts are limited to one per invoice and may not be used or "stacked" with other discounts or special promotional offers. If the discount is more than your total amount due on the selected invoice, we reserve the right to apply as much of the discount as needed to zero the amount due on that invoice and apply the remaining discount to your next invoice. In other words, we won't create a negative invoice. If you refer more than one new customer to us, we will apply subsequent discounts to following invoices, one discount per invoice. Limit 6 referral bonus discounts per customer per year.

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