Managed IT Service
and Consulting

Network Defend is your premium Managed IT Service Provider.

We provide full management for your entire network, servers and workstations to keep them running reliably at peak security and top performance.

We install and/or upgrade, keep your system well maintained, and let you focus on what your customers need.  We work within your budget to help plan your system, and to scale it up as your business grows.

We're also available for special projects to bring your systems up to date, including server upgrades, network upgrades, and new office deployments. Talk with us while you are early in your planning phase and let us help you get more for your money.

Additional Services

Most of the below services are already included as options in our Managed IT offerings, but may be requested as one-off projects.  We can also tailor your Managed IT contract to fit your specific business and security needs.
While our valued Managed IT clients already enjoy the highest level of protection from malware and intrusion, call on us if you need expert assistance upgrading to a modern system and comprehensive endpoint protection.  One of our core values places the integrity of your data and your systems among the most important parts of doing business safely.
Remote Workplaces
In the last two years we've seen a historically high level of interest in deploying remote worker systems.  We had already been doing this for several years before the pandemic, and we can help you design and install a remote solution that will fit your budget and your staff's needs based on our years of experience in doing it right.
Hybrid Offices
New cloud technologies based on Microsoft Azure and Office 365 can greatly increase your staff's productivity via advanced communication tools and collaborative work flows, and can bridge the gaps between in-office and work-from-home team members.  We help you plan, create your system, deploy and train your team with these exciting new tools.
Managed Networks
The backbone of our modern connected world is the in-office network and its critical connection to the Internet.  Modern network components require frequent security updates to perform optimally and remain hardened against outside threats. From your Microsoft Server running Active Directory, to your firewall and switches, we can help you keep it all running optimally.

Wi-Fi is another aspect of a well managed network.  We can install a distributed, secure and fast Wi-Fi system for internal or public use at your business with RF analysis and range improvements.

Backup Management
It's pretty easy to turn on a built-in backup routine and think you're safe.  But we have some strong opinions on this based on both good and bitter experience.  Do you keep copies of current backups offline and safe from ransomware?  Have you tested the actual process of restoring a critical system backup?  Are you confident that your nightly backups are occurring without errors or failures?  Backups are perhaps the most important last line of defense against modern threats, not to mention natural catastrophes. We can help audit, fix, and manage these for you.
Integrated MFA Systems
With modern security threats against email, financial and system accounts, we offer a better way to prove your identity and lock out the bad guys.  We can help upgrade your systems to begin using Multi-Factor Authentication technology, as well as help manage them correctly and train you on how to use them. We've partnered with some of the top MFA vendors to bring affordable solutions to your office network.
Upgrade Services
Our core clients get this at no additional cost on their contract, but we also offer our experience at avoiding pitfalls and smoothly migrating older systems to new.  If you are considering upgrading old Active Directory, Exchange Email, or network systems we are available to help guide or conduct that upgrade for you.
New Business Office Installation
New business and need to start from scratch? We can help you plan, budget, find the best values on software and hardware, build it all, and finally configure and test your new network and servers. We also provide training sessions for you and your staff on how to use your new office network.  From Doctors' offices to Architecture or Engineering firms, we've helped build and program new office networks for over twenty five years using the latest advances in technology.
Staff Security Training 
This is another feature we offer at no additional cost to all our Managed IT clients!

For à la carte clients we offer training seminars teaching security awareness and best practices in our online world.  Live discussions and presentations are available in person or via Teams or Zoom. 
Call us for booking rates!